Thursday, September 4, 2008

Things Lost

I spend far too much time looking for my "stuff". I just realized that I don't know where the cable is for downloading pictures from my camera. I know where it should be, but guess what? isn't there. That means I can't share what I intended to, but I will share a sunrise with you taken yesterday from my yard. I just can't resist taking a picture of a sunrise/sunset. They just bowl me over. Enjoy!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Stamping with the Birds...

This is a card that I made for my mother's birthday. The cranes were made from a stencil by Washi Accent stencils. They are super easy to do and I love their simplicity. The papers are origami cut with scallop scissors. The embellishments are from the Stampin' Up hodgepodge hardware. The card is green and the layer piece is purple which were colors from the origami papers. I don't remember the measurements. Sorry the pictures is a little blurry, this is a card I made a long time ago and my picture taking wasn't the best. I think you can see enough to get the gist....

Finding out about stuff

Yesterday I spent the afternoon trying to find out about my daughter. She is/was in New Orleans and I tried for a long time without success, to find out about her. It took the afternoon, but I did find out that she had evacuated NO....thank goodness. She is in San Gabriel, La and I hope that will be a good place. I'm still waiting to hear from her.

It's kind of an irony...Hurricane Gustav and my grandfather's name was Gustav (not pronounced Goose, but bus with a g...av) has chased my daughter out of New Orleans. My grandfather was such a sweet, gentle immigrant from Sweden. He worked as a hired hand at a dairy farm in North Dakota with a family that had also come from Sweden. He later married one of the daughters, my grandmother and they raised their family on that dairy farm. Things seem to make a spiral bringing the same things in and out of my life at the most unusual times. I like it!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Let's Get Started

Let's Get Started This is something that seems to be everywhere and I think I'll give it a try and see where it goes. I'm usually not a person to jump on a band-wagon, but I'd like to see where this takes me. I hope to make some new friends and learn skills that I can use to grow in many ways. I would like to share some of the cards that I have created and somewhat copied. I don't think I have anything yet that is truely original....but I do have fun with stamping and scrapbooking. I have some digital scrapbook LO both in and in my computer. I like the option of begin able to share my scrapbooking with friends and relatives. I would not necessarily share with some distant relatives, but doing it digitally makes it easy. I'm not sure (but I plan to learn) how to share these LO here.
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My World

My World
Bits and pieces

Travel Book

Travel Book
I love the word books. I used s.e.i "Black Orchid" papers and some of the matching embellishments. After a road trip this summer, this book will be filled with memories. I had so much fun working on this. I think the papers inspired me. I just love them.